How to Apply Numbing Cream for Tattoo Removal

Some people find the discomfort of laser tattoo removal a bit too much and Erazalaser recommends numbing cream for those clients. However, no matter what you may have been told there are only 3 people that are authorised to apply numbing cream to your skin: ♦   A doctor ♦   A registered nurse or […]

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tattoo removal training Queensland

Tattoo Removal Training Requirements

There has been a lot written recently about dodgy operators in the tattoo removal business with newspapers screaming headlines such as “Tattoo – removal lasers seized after skin burns” and “Tattoo removal warning after man is burnt” and “It’s a burning issue”. However let’s take a look at the real situation. Everyday hundreds of Australians […]

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Vatican Laser Tattoo Removal

It seems that Nd:YAG lasers not only remove your unwanted ink but are helping the Vatican restore some of its most priceless artworks. Enterprising laser supplier Lynton Lasers of Cheshire has donated the tattoo removal lasers to blast centuries of dirt from ancient sculptures. Company chairman, Andy Charlton said lasers allowed an extremely gentle method […]

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Laser Tattoo Removal Cairns Video

Laser tattoo removal is our specialty at ERAZALASER tattoo removal Cairns. Several factors influence response rates to tattoo removal treatments and need to be considered. The video shows the first treatment on a back tattoo at our clinic. Tattoo removal with the Q-Switched laser is now considered to be the standard treatment. A study published […]

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Cairns Tattoo Removal at Big Boys Toys Expo

Cairns tattoo removal clinic, ERAZALASER Clinic will be at the Big Boys Toys Expo at the Cairns Showgrounds on 30th – 31st May. Come and visit our stand in the Fred Moule Exhibition Centre to get special Expo offers, give-aways and to find out how to receive your referral vouchers for Lyquid Nightlife and Miss […]

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Cairns Video

Laser tattoo removal in Cairns is all about our clients at ERAZALASER Clinic, the specialist tattoo removal clinic. While we use the latest Q-Switched laser to remove your unwanted ink, we believe that it is our technicians that make all the difference. This video shows an actual laser tattoo removal session for a “sun” tattoo […]

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Tattoo Removal in Cairns Video

Tattoo removal in Cairns has come of age! ERAZALASER Clinic, the specialist laser tattoo removal clinic at 472 Mulgrave Road Cairns brings its expertise in tattoo removal in Cairns. Using the latest Q – Switched laser, this video shows a tattoo removal treatment session on the lower back and how the skin looks when the […]

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tattoo removal trends

Tattoo Removal Trends

Looking at tattoo removal trends in Australia, a recent article in the Cairns Post reported that one third of young women in their 20’s have a tattoo. About 25% of men and women in the 18 to 30 year old age group have tattoos, according to researchers at James Cook University. Are Australians following the […]

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Cairns

Laser Tattoo Removal Secret

In laser tattoo removal, the laser does not actually remove the tattoo from your skin. The laser breaks the tattoo ink into smaller particles so that your body can eliminate it. Once the ink is “shattered” scavenger cells collect the particles and  your immune system rejects them. Laser Tattoo Removal Nd: YAG The recognized world […]

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