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Laser tattoo removal is our specialty at ERAZALASER tattoo removal Cairns. Several factors influence response rates to tattoo removal treatments and need to be considered. The video shows the first treatment on a back tattoo at our clinic.

Tattoo removal with the Q-Switched laser is now considered to be the standard treatment. A study published in the JAMA Dermatology which examined the results of laser tattoo removal found that smoking had a negative effect on success rates. This study found that the chance of achieving complete tattoo removal decreased by 69.7% in smokers compared to non-smokers.

Other variables include; length of time between laser tattoo removal treatments, the colour and depth of the tattoo ink, the age of the tattoo and the location. Tattoos on the legs and feet respond more slowly than tattoos elsewhere.

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove a tattoo. The laser penetrates the skin and breaks up the tattoo pigments so that they can be carried away naturally by the body’s immune system. Black is the easiest colour to remove because it absorbs more laser waves. Green and yellow are more difficult to remove.

There are many reasons that people consider removing ink from their bodies. Some are just unhappy with the tattoo, or they got the tattoo on an impulse, or it’s a cover up gone wrong or the tattoo location is no longer suitable. For instance the Defence Force has a strict policy on tattoos and body piercings. Tattoos are prohibited on the face, scalp, ears, neck and hands of candidates wishing to join the Forces.

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