Laser Tattoo Removal in Cairns Video

Laser tattoo removal in Cairns is all about our clients at ERAZALASER Clinic, the specialist tattoo removal clinic. While we use the latest Q-Switched laser to remove your unwanted ink, we believe that it is our technicians that make all the difference.

This video shows an actual laser tattoo removal session for a “sun” tattoo on the lower back. The skill of the technician is demonstrated in how quickly and accurately the procedure is completed. The frosted appearance of the skin post treatment is the clinical endpoint desired. It demonstrates that the laser tattoo removal session has had the desired effect. The laser does not remove the ink from the skin. The laser beam breaks the ink into smaller particles so that your body can eliminate it. When the ink is shattered into smaller particles, your body recognises it as a foreign body and begins the elimination process.

Prior to establishing our laser tattoo removal clinic in Cairns, we researched different tattoo removal methods and selected the Nd: YAG Q-Switched laser as it is regarded as the gold standard for tattoo removal. We then selected the best training for laser tattoo removal so that our technicians can provide the most professional laser tattoo removal in Cairns.

When you first visit ERAZALASER tattoo removal in Cairns, we will complete a thorough consultation and explain the procedure and the expected outcomes of your laser tattoo removal session. We will establish a tattoo removal plan for you that is effective and economical. It will be necessary for you to attend a number of tattoo removal treatments as it takes time for your body to eliminate any unwanted ink.

Because your first consultation may take between forty five minutes to an hour, we work on appointments only. We will record your full medical history, take photos, explain the process and provide written aftercare instructions. Please arrive early for your first laser tattoo removal in Cairns so that you can relax and “Zen out” like our client in this video.

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