Tattoo Removal in Cairns Video

Tattoo removal in Cairns has come of age! ERAZALASER Clinic, the specialist laser tattoo removal clinic at 472 Mulgrave Road Cairns brings its expertise in tattoo removal in Cairns. Using the latest Q – Switched laser, this video shows a tattoo removal treatment session on the lower back and how the skin looks when the session is completed.

You will notice that there is a slight “crackling” noise during the tattoo removal. This is the sound that the laser beam makes as it breaks up the ink particles that lie in the dermis. When the ink particles are fragmented your body disposes of the unwanted ink through your immune system. That’s why healthy people get much quicker results than those that are less healthy. It’s also why non-smokers get faster results in fewer treatments than smokers.

As seen in this tattoo removal session, the treatment time is relatively short. However for your first treatment you should allow forty five minutes to one hour for the complete session. At this first consultation, our technician will explain the complete procedure and take a full medical history. He will also take photographs of your tattoo and provide laser tattoo removal aftercare instructions for you to follow at home.

We recommend that your next tattoo removal session is scheduled for at least four weeks’ time so that your body has sufficient time to eliminate the most amount of ink. Your technician will also provide an estimate of how many visits you will need for your tattoo removal in Cairns. The amount of required visits depends on a number of factors including; the size of your tattoo, the colour of the ink, the depth of the ink, the density of the ink and the location of your tattoo.

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