Tattoo Removal Training 

Practical – Queensland Students

Queensland has more stringent regulations and training guidelines than other states for laser tattoo removal. In Queensland, to use a laser to perform tattoo removal treatments on clients, you MUST first obtain a trainee Licence from Radiation Health Queensland (RHQ).

There are two additional courses that need to be completed before you can apply to acquire a trainee licence for tattoo removal treatments from RHQ. Students will need to complete:

    Laser Safety Officer Training Certificate:

Various organisations offer training and we will help you with recommendations for training providers approved by Radiation Health Queensland.

♦    Maintain Infection Control in Office Practice Setting Certificate:

Accredited courses are available through a number of organisations including TAFE Colleges and can be completed online. We are available to help in your selection of providers.

♦    Trainee Licence Holders

Once you have your trainee licence you can commence practical hands – on laser tattoo removal training under the supervision of an Unrestricted Licencee. RHQ mandates that trainees must complete 100 hours of supervised laser tattoo removal treatments before they can apply to have the trainee status removed from their licence.The tattoo removal training Queenslandpossession of a Trainee Licence is mandatory to commence Practical Training at ERAZALASER College.

The most important factor for truly effective tattoo removal is the skill of the laser technician and if you wish to operate a successful business you would be wise to complete your tattoo removal training with people actually working in the business of removing unwanted ink every day!

♦   100 Hours to Unrestricted Licence Status

Before you can obtain your Unrestricted Licence to operate a tattoo removal laser without the presence of a person who holds an Unrestricted Licence, you must complete 100 hours of supervised laser tattoo removal treatments on actual Clients.

ERAZALASER College conducts training in its busy tattoo removal clinics in a number of locations and will provide the clients so that your training under supervision will be completed in the shortest possible time frame. Should you have other suitable premises for laser tattoo removal, our qualified staff can conduct your training there by arrangement. However, the first week of your 100 Hour Practical Training must be conducted in one of our clinics with our clients.

Practical training enables you to:

  Be immersed in the most up to date industry knowledge whilst getting hands-on experience

  Learn from experienced, practicing tattoo removal specialists

  Perform actual treatments on real clients when your trainer approves Tattoo Removal Training

  Be exposed to multiple different clients and tattoo types

  Learn about laser techniques, wavelengths and tissue interaction

  Be provided with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in this industry

  Complete an initial full week of treatments in our clinic with our specialist trainer

  Receive ongoing supervision until the required hours are achieved

  Perform treatments on your clients under our specialist supervision in your clinic

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Course Outcomes

When you have completed the required hours, EAZALASER College will assist and guide you regarding your Unrestricted Licence Application including the design and completion of your Log Book, which is essential for your application.

tattoo removal training queenslandOnce you have completed all the modules in the ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal Training Courses you will have the knowledge, skills and qualifications to operate as an independent Laser Tattoo Removal Technician either in your own clinic or in a clinic owned by someone else.

You will be well on your way to an exciting new career in laser tattoo removal. Recent research indicates that nearly 2.3 million Australians have tattoos. Worldwide statistics indicate that 15% to 20% of people with tattoos are unhappy with their ink and are considering removing it. If Australia follows the trend that means that 300 to 400 thousand Australians are unhappy with their tattoo and are considering removing it. Laser tattoo removal with the Q-Switched Nd:Yag is the gold standard and presents a lucrative opportunity for well-trained technicians.


Course Fees

Your investment for the practical component of your training to enable you to apply for your Radiation Health Queensland Unrestricted Licence will be $6,999. The amount of time it takes for you to complete the required hours will depend on your availability. As ERAZALASER College has a number of busy clinics where you can do your Practical Training, you will be able to acquire your supervised hours in the shortest possible time-frame.

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