Course Overview

ERAZALASER College offers an intensive two day theory course to all Australian participants and for Queensland students we provide the mandatory 100 hours of practical supervision for you to obtain your Radiation Health Queensland Tattoo Removal Licence. ERAZALASER College will also assist Queensland students with your licence application as part of our training. Tattoo removal with a Q-Switch Nd:Yag laser is the gold standard for tattoo removal.  Training Tattoo Removal

ERAZALASER College provides training in all aspects of laser tattoo removal. When you complete our training modules you will be able to operate your own tattoo removal clinic with the knowledge that you have been trained by specialists in this growing business. You will be compliant with the regulations that apply to your particular state or territory.

For interstate participants, once you have completed the theory module, you can continue with our intensive three day hands on practical training where you will perform tattoo removal treatments in our Clinic.

Training Tattoo Removal Resources

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♦   Tattoo Removal Training – provides general information about ERAZALASER training and the business opportunities for all students.

♦   Tattoo Removal Training Theory – provides an outline of the ERAZALASER two day intensive theory module for all students.

♦   Tattoo Removal Training Practical Queensland  – explains the process for obtaining your Radiation Health Queensland Licence and how to complete the required 100 hours of supervision for Queensland participants only.

♦   Tattoo Removal Training Practical Australia – outlines the training components, both theory and practical for all students who reside outside of Queensland.

Knowledge of the Beauty or Medical Industry is not a requirement when working with lasers.  The Nd:Yag Q-Switch laser specifically designed for tattoo removal is a powerful instrument and there are strict training requirements that a person must undertake before using this laser as an independent operator.

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