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Tattoo Removal Training Requirements

There has been a lot written recently about dodgy operators in the tattoo removal business with newspapers screaming headlines such as “Tattoo – removal lasers seized after skin burns” and “Tattoo removal warning after man is burnt” and “It’s a burning issue”. However let’s take a look at the real situation. Everyday hundreds of Australians undergo tattoo removal and the treatment they choose is laser tattoo removal with a Q Switch Nd: YAG laser. WHY? Because world – wide it is recognised as the gold standard for tattoo removal as it has been researched in clinical trials to prove that it is the optimal treatment for removing tattoos of all colours.

There are claims for other systems using skin abrasion and injections of proprietary ingredients espousing “Laser Free, Pain Free” tattoo removal but with no clinical trials referenced for these claims. It is also claimed that “laser tattoo removal breaks down pigment ingredients and deposits them in critical organs of the body” – scary stuff – if it were true. The truth is that YES the laser does break the ink into smaller particles. That is its purpose. The smaller ink particles are then eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system much like the body eliminates infection from the body.

Tattoo Removal Training is Critical

There are two critical components in successful tattoo removal with a laser. Firstly and the most obvious is the type of laser used. It has been said by a senior staff member of Radiation Health Queensland that if a laser can shatter tattoo ink then it is a Class 4 laser. There are different Classes of laser for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes ranging from Class 1 to Class 4 lasers which are strictly regulated. To operate a Class 4 laser the technician must undergo extensive training before obtaining an Unrestricted Licence to operate the laser without supervision. It’s a bit like qualifying for a pilot’s licence with all hours under supervision being recorded in a log book and endorsed by the senior trainer.

The second and less obvious component of successful tattoo removal is the skill of the laser technician. However before you even consider the skill level make sure that the technician that is about to target your skin with a powerful laser apparatus has undertaken the tattoo removal training required by Radiation Health Queensland. Has the technician completed:

♦  Laser Safety Officer Training

♦  Maintain Infection Control in Office Practice Setting Training

♦  Certificate of Competency in Laser Tattoo Removal

♦  100 Hours of Supervised Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments of Real Clients

♦  First Aid Certification

It may seem that there are a lot of questions for you to ask but Radiation Health Queensland has made it easy for you to check the credentials of anyone advertising laser tattoo removal. Go to this link to check if an operator has an Unrestricted Licence to Use a Laser for Tattoo Removal. If the register shows: As a trainee….. Find another technician.

The other check you should do is to establish if the technician is using a Class 4 laser and again Radiation Health Queensland helps you here. This link shows the company or person approved to Possess a Laser Apparatus for Tattoo Removal. It means that they comprehensively understand laser principles and have submitted a Radiation Safety and Protection Plan to Radiation Health Queensland. If the tattoo removal operator is not on both registers then find another operator.

And finally before you decide which Clinic to attend for your laser tattoo removal check out what other people have to say about the skill level of the technician.

Unlike other proposed tattoo removal modalities, laser tattoo removal is strictly controlled and licenced and comprehensive tattoo removal training is a prerequisite before anyone can use a laser apparatus on your skin. Rest assured that ERAZALASER Clinic and all technicians employed are fully licensed with Radiation Health Queensland and have undertaken advanced tattoo removal training.

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