Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Safety Course

Radiation Health Queensland Approval Number ED268

Successful completion of the ERAZALASER Laser Safety Course is a prerequisite for you to apply to Radiation Health Queensland for a trainee licence to conduct laser treatments for:

♦   Hair removal
   Skin rejuvenation
♦   Tattoo removal
   Superficial vascular lesions
   Superficial pigmented lesions

This course is also recognised by the licensing authorities in Tasmania and Western Australia as satisfying the theory components for Medical Practitioners wishing to use a laser apparatus to conduct the treatments listed above. It is highly recommended that any student in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria complete the course to gain a thorough understanding of laser safety issues prior to conducting client treatments.

Laser Safety Course Online

Our laser safety course is delivered online self-paced or can be completed face to face at one of our tattoo removal clinics. The course gives a comprehensive overview of laser functions and safety protocols including:

♦   Operational Characteristics of Laser and IPL Sources laser safety course

   Laser Types and Classifications

♦   Laser Hazards

   Quality Assurance Protocols

   Risk Assessments and Controls

   Current Australian / New Zealand Standards

Course Outcomes

Following successful completion of this Course, you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency for: Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Safety Course ED268 which can be submitted to Radiation Health Queensland as a prerequisite for your laser trainee licence.

Course Fees

Online: $500

Face to Face: Please contact the College for details.

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For details on the full requirements of Radiation Health Queensland, click here:  Information about Applying for a Licence to Use Laser Apparatus for Cosmetic Purposes

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