tattoo removal trends

Tattoo Removal Trends

Looking at tattoo removal trends in Australia, a recent article in the Cairns Post reported that one third of young women in their 20’s have a tattoo. About 25% of men and women in the 18 to 30 year old age group have tattoos, according to researchers at James Cook University.

Are Australians following the Americans where in excess of 45 million people have tattoos? It would appear so with people over the age of 45 also getting inked. One middle – aged newly tattooed father we spoke to said: “I have always wanted a tattoo and it’s more acceptable for me to have one now”.

Tattoo Removal Trends in America

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center in America on tattoos and tattoo removal trends  showed that the least important factor in getting a tattoo was the price. When people were asked – What is the most important thing to consider when getting a tattoo, 49% replied, the reputation of the tattoo artist. Another 43% think a tattoo with a personal meaning is the most important factor.

US consumers spend $ 1.65 billion annually on getting inked and there are over 21,000 tattoo studios spread across the country according to the Pew research.

Tattoo Removal Trends in Australia

In Australia there are more than 1,000 studios and the industry turns over approximately $100 million annually according to research conducted in 2014 by Ibis World.

The Ibis World research also states in the Industry Analysis and Industry Trends Report:

“Business has been strong for the Tattoo Studios industry over the past five years, despite weakness in the overall economy. The evolution of popular culture has moved tattooing from underground scenes and criminal associations, bringing it into the mainstream as a form of fashion, art and expression. This has broadened the appeal of tattooing, made it more socially acceptable and given it a wider market. Demand for tattoos has also been driven by rapid advancements in laser removal technologies.”

Future Tattoo Removal Trends

It appears that there is also considerable tattoo regret with the Cairns Post reporting “One third of people who brave the needle regret their tattoo later in life.”  Perhaps that’s where Aussies are very different to Americans as Pew reported that only 17% of Americans have some regret after getting their tattoo.

Perhaps the message is to carefully consider your decision to get a tattoo or take the lead of movie star:

Johnny Depp who once said: “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.”

James shares tattoo industry news and the latest advances in tattoo removal techniques.