Vatican Laser Tattoo Removal

It seems that Nd:YAG lasers not only remove your unwanted ink but are helping the Vatican restore some of its most priceless artworks. Enterprising laser supplier Lynton Lasers of Cheshire has donated the tattoo removal lasers to blast centuries of dirt from ancient sculptures. Company chairman, Andy Charlton said lasers allowed an extremely gentle method of cleaning and removing dirt from very fragile surfaces. “Even from a badly weathered marble surface desperately in need of consolidation,” he added.

When applied to your tattoo the Nd: YAG laser targets the ink particles which lay in the dermis and shatters those particles into smaller fragments which can then be eliminated from your body. Unlike the sculptures, your body takes time to dispose of your unwanted ink and that’s why your treatment sessions will be scheduled at 5 to 8 week intervals.

One can imagine that before lasers were allowed near these priceless works there was an intensive consultation period where the process was discussed and all the benefits and risks were outlined. It’s a similar process for laser tattoo removal as a confidential consultation is conducted before your first treatment session.  It takes up to an hour to outline the process and take a full medical history so that you can give your informed consent for your tattoo removal plan.

Just as there would be an after procedure plan for the lasered statutes to keep them in the best condition, you will be given an Aftercare for Tattoo Removal brochure. This brochure explains what you should do to ensure that you get maximum fading from each removal session. For example, you should not expose the treated skin to the sun or pick or scratch the area. Immediately following your treatment your technician will apply Bepanthen cream and cover the area with non-stick dressing which should be left on the skin until the next day.

Perhaps there’s not likely to be a tattoo removal clinic opening in the Vatican any time soon but if you would like to read more about laser tattoo removal click here. To read the full article click here.

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