Tattoo Removal Reviews from Erazalaser Clients

ERAZALASER clients are happy to provide tattoo removal reviews to share their experiences of our specialist Clinics.

 Amy M  5 Star  I had 3 laser sessions removing two tattoos on my forearm and the results are amazing. James is awesome and professional. He makes the experience so relaxing and comfortable. I do recommend using the numbing cream. In my first session I actually fell asleep in the chair while he was doing the laser. He’s always helpful and willing to answer any questions before, during and after the treatment. No question is ever a dumb question. I would highly recommend this place to do tattoo removal as it is relaxing and both James and his staff are friendly and welcoming.  It’s not as scary as people think.

 Tattoo Removal Training

I’ve had 2 sessions so far on an unwanted tattoo and the progression has been extremely positive! But what I need to share is that with numbing cream applied at least an hour before each of my sessions, the pain was honestly nothing! Maybe a slight ‘pinch’ feeling but honestly compares to getting such a bad, deep tattoo done it was not uncomfortable at all! Not to mention James being so professional and making me feel comfortable from the beginning! He knows exactly what he’s doing and he talks you through the whole process from start to finish without skipping any details. We even have a good laugh every visit. It’s honestly like going to the hairdressers. 10/10 Nicole P

Kerri N Tate I had been thinking about removing my sleeve for about 2 years now and every time I thought I was ready I would get on google and watch some horror videos and back out again. After talking to Chris, a couple of times about it I finally started the process and I couldn’t be happier!! Chris talked me through the whole process and made me feel at ease… It’s honestly not as sore as I thought, it’s over in a few minutes and my tattoo has faded so much just from 1 session! If you’re thinking about laser removal I can 110% recommend Chris. Tattoo Removal Training

5 Star
Super informative and professional! After care is supplied which I LOVE. Super awesome people too. Thanks guys. Renee D

I couldn’t recommend James and his service at Erazalaser enough; as soon as I entered his clinic I was instantly made to feel comfortable and at ease, his knowledge and skill are thoroughly demonstrated during the initial consultation and each appointment. James always tests his laser on several parts of my tattoos to ensure the best results are guaranteed, as some parts are more faded than others, so different frequencies need to be used. James is very thoughtful throughout the removal process and will guide you through step by step which is very comforting. His aftercare service is great; providing me with the relevant bandages and antiseptic needed to cover the skin.

If you are in need of tattoo removal then please pop into Erazalaser, you will not be disappointed. Hannah McQ Google Review 5 Star

Rhiannon C  Had my first laser treatment today & as much as the pain sucked, it was super quick! James was extremely professional & I cannot recommend him highly enough. Have got my next 3 appointments sorted under their payment plan & with the help of Zippay. Can’t wait to see the results! Thank you!! 5 Star

So impressed with Erazalaser. I’ve had a few sessions and my tattoo has faded so much. Chris is very professional and has explained everything from the laser process to aftercare in a clear and concise way. Couldn’t recommend this place enough!  5 Star Kristin M

 Samantha L  James was very informative in my personal consultation and answered all my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. He explained what he was doing throughout the treatment session, as well as showing me the progress as we went. My tattoo is in a bit of an intimate spot and James’ professionalism made me feel very comfortable.

Just had my 2nd visit with Chris in Cairns to get some home tattoos removed. I can not recommend him highly enough. He is professional, makes you feel relaxed, at ease & loves a chat. Thank you Chris Tattoo Removal Training Rosalie G


 Previously had sessions at Erazalaser on multiple tattoos. Chris made me feel very comfortable and doesn’t put any pressure on you. He is professional and the work he does speaks for itself. After previously having a bad experience, he made me feel very confident and safe. I would recommend to anyone. 5 Star Rhi Michelle P

5 Star Great experience at your Townsville branch. Felt very welcoming and relaxed. Will definitely be back and would 100% recommend.  Leighann F 

5 Star Carly McK . Extremely professional and very affordable, have had two sessions with Chris and it’s faded so much and will only need one more. A beauty place had told me I would need 9-12 sessions at an insane price just to get it light enough for a cover up. So happy I came across Erazalaser � Highly recommend.

 Tattoo Removal TrainingBuilt this up in my head for far too long expecting a painful experience! I should have done this years’ ago!! Numit cream on thick an hour prior….no pain!! No aftermath either! Who knew!! Thanks James, awesome job!! 5 Star Carly W  

Mai R After my brilliant teenage decision to get tattoos on my fingers, I decided it was time to get them out of my skin. I flew from the Gold Coast to Townsville to see James in the clinic up there after glowing recommendations. The clinic was clean and inviting, as were the staff.

Having only had one session, the results for my skin tone and type are already noticeable.The treatment was quick and from what I can tell effective. Though the Numit cream is recommended.

Look forward to future treatments with the fantastic crew at Erazalaser Townsville.  5 Star

5 Star I just had my very first laser removal treatment done on my wrist today. James from Townsville was very professional and explained everything I needed to know in great detail. I have a few sessions to go and can’t wait to see end result. Pain has a bit of a sting to it but overall not bad for the time it takes. Highly recommend these guys � Natalie D

 Rodney L  Great experience and great results.. high recommend to anyone wanting ink removed .. 5 Star

 Tattoo Removal TrainingHad my first session today to begin the removal of some unsightly hand tattoos. (both hands). The pure professionalism of Chris made the experience as comfortable as a salon treatment. To have removed something ugly and unwanted that you think you are stuck with but realize it’s not impossible after all is such a relief. It stung a little, but of course it would. It’s a laser, not an eyeliner. I can’t wait to see the end results. Lorae D


5 Star Chris is a legend, very knowledgeable and explained the whole process. Awesome first laser experience, highly recommend. Thankyou! Tara B

5 Star Would highly recommend this company, I’ve been dealing with James from Townsville and I can’t possibly fault the experience I’ve had. He’s such a friendly thoughtful person, every time I go in he always makes sure I get the best care possible, ensuring I get the best results from each treatment with minimal pain. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, Erazalaser offers affordable treatments with friendly staff who have a vast knowledge of the service they provide. Maddi S

Professionals the best in QLD approachable and clean. 5 Star Christopher S

Matthew D So last year I first met James at the Townsville Erazalaser clinic. He has a very warm and inviting nature and is very thorough when detailing the process of laser tattoo removal. I would highly recommend this treatment if you have found yourself with a tattoo mistake or mishap. By taking pictures after each treatment I have been able to see an amazing transformation as my unwanted tattoo disappears. It still blows my mind away when I look back at what used to be there. Tattoo Removal Training

So my thoughts, Erazalaser is a big yes from me.

5 Star James at Erazalaser Townsville is the kindest soul. He takes the time to make sure I am comfortable and relaxed before starting my treatment. I actually look forward to my appointments because he is so lovely to chat to. I have seen such amazing results in just a few sessions. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to remove my unwanted ink! Stefanie M

Tattoo Removal Training Chloe I James at Erazalaser, Townsville was of the highest professionalism when dealing with my laser tattoo removal for the first time. Going into the clinic knowing tattoo laser removal was not enjoyable, James put my mind at ease with quite a deal of beforehand information. The removal was handled extremely professionally with great hygienic measures and was not as uncomfortable as expected. All was over extremely quick and aftercare was explained thoroughly. Will definitely be back for another session in a few weeks’ time! 5 Star

 Alex Joel E Erazalaser is such a professional and outgoing business. They’re always welcoming me with open arms whenever I go there for my treatments. Their knowledge on removing tattoos and helping you through the process is astounding and I couldn’t be happier with my treatments. They care and look after you as much as you would look after yourself. They are definitely the go to business for any laser tattoo removal.  

This place is absolutely amazing, they’re with you every step of the way. There is no being scared because they are just to fun to be scared! I must admit it does hurt but five minutes later it’s like nothing happened!!! I highly recommend this place to everyone needing to get a tattoo removed! Love their work ! Jessica H 5 Star

 5 Star Anyone looking for tattoo removal or lightening I highly recommend Erazalaser they are professional, knowledgeable and genuinely care about their clients. They are honest with their recommendations and educate you on the correct pre and post aftercare for your removal. The clinic is very clean, tidy and comfortable. I have had treatments at other clinics which I felt uncomfortable and uneasy at but so happy that I chose to visit Erazalaser they are the gold standard in tattoo removal. 10/10 Elyse C

Kaitlin Louise M   I highly recommend James from Townsville clinic! He has such a passion for what he does and explains in such detail the process and aftercare of any treatment he does. James made Alan and I both very comfortable and I can’t wait to see end results! If you’re thinking of getting rid of something go in and speak with James 🙂 Thank you team. 5 Star

Just a couple of treatments and the difference is huge, it’s over halfway to faded and probably only needs 1 more treatment. Professional and informative. Wouldn’t go anywhere else… highly recommended. 5 Star Renee K

Shaadi W  Tattoo Removal Training

Extremely friendly and professional environment. Would recommend to anyone seeking tattoo removal.

Highly Recommend, Amazing service, wouldn’t go anywhere else. Hospital-Grade Cleanliness and extremely professional. 10/10 Tahlia G 5 Star

My first time, AWESOME job Chris… Well presented, easy going, felt very relaxed  Knew what he was doing and thanks for the photo shoot and the glasses.

Thanks heaps again! 5 Star Joeyndee G

Great consultation, easy pop in pop out session. Is relatively painless as compared to a tattoo. Very professional staff, premises is very clean and well set up. Looking forward to my next session!

Townsville ERAZALASER gets 5 stars! Hugo T

After years of thinking about laser, my first consultation with Chris made me realise how important it is to go to a knowledgeable specialist that has been trained specifically in the area of laster tattoo removal. With his expertise my tattoo is gone in only 4 very well priced sessions. Still amazed at the results. Can’t recommend ERAZALASER enough! Heidi C

I was always self-conscious about my tattoo and felt uncomfortable wearing anything that would expose it. I made a fantastic decision in contacting ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal Clinic. The owner Chris is a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to each client. Chris made sure that I was fully aware of all that was involved with tattoo removal. I was provided with amazing before and after care and all of this at an affordable cost. My tattoo is gone now and I feel so happy and confident in the new clothing that I have been able to wear. If you have a tattoo that you don’t like, I urge you to contact ERAZALASER, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Susan D

 For anyone looking to have a tattoo removed or faded. Make sure you go to ERAZALASER for quality results & service.  I’ve only had one session & I am more than happy with the results! Megsi C

 I chose ERAZALASER Removal because of the great reviews and Chris made me feel comfortable. I had an awesome experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get removal on tattoos. 5 Star Jessica R

 5 Star Matt F Started a long road ahead have a few to remove very friendly staff and was less painful than I was expecting great work guys would recommend to any one in Townsville.

 I found my experience at ERAZALASER extremely professional. Chris was very welcoming & informative. I’ll be recommending ERAZALASER to all of my cosmetic tattooing clients that come and see me for correction work! It’s refreshing to find another business that gives its all! Thanks Chris! 🙂 Mandy E

Tina G Finally! had my ugly rebel, home job, teenage tattoos removed today lol Great service..thanks heaps, looking forward to my next treatment. Tattoo Removal Training 


 Amazing service thanks so much for answering all my questions:) Fast, friendly and really affordable. Rebekah F – 5 Star

 Mahkaylaah Anne M – 5 star I started my tattoo removal today, and I can’t thank Chris enough for the amazing service he provides. Very quick and professional in his work. I would 100% recommend him and ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal Clinic to any one searching for a tattoo removal 10 out of 10 service.

 Happy to say yesterday was my last treatment to get rid of a tattoo band I’ve had since 14 years old⚡️ worth every minute sitting in that chair copping the laser but so happy Chris was able to help me out. Cannot wait to see it disappear forever thanks brother. Nay W – 5 star

 Trying to get into the military with visible tattoos is a no go, and when they told me my finger tattoo had to be removed before I could enlist I knew I needed to go to an expert. Chris was by far the cheapest and most professional clinic in Cairns to do laser removal. He understood my situation and went above and beyond to assist me with my enlistment troubles. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs tattoos removed for military reasons or just needing a tattoo removed in general. Thanks Chris! Mitchell M

Tattoo Removal 5 Star - Copy Laurie D I was looking for a tattoo removal session in Cairns and chose ERAZALASER due to the good reviews online. I have been to a handful of tattoo removal companies in Australia and the U.K due to traveling and this was the best I have come across. As soon I met Chris he was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The laser experience was quick, affordable and the least pain laser has ever been, thanks to Chris’ technique. I am pleased to have chosen ERAZALASER and I hope to pass Cairns or Townsville again where I know I can get a trusted and effective laser tattoo removal session. Thank you Chris.

Travis M Went in and got my first ever removal session today and have got to give a huge shout out to Chris. He was very professional but friendly and chatty and I couldn’t believe how quick it was. He definitely knows what he is doing and made the whole experience so much easier. Cheers mate!

 Gillian B Can’t recommend ERAZALASER highly enough. Currently getting a tattoo removed and very happy with the result so far.

Had my first treatment done over 4 months ago and really happy with how faded it has gotten over time, got my arm band done when I was 14 so I’m glad it’s finally getting removed, can’t wait for my next session brother. Nay W

Jeff S Wow….. Doesn’t know me from a bar of soap yet looked after me like I was family!! Very professional and very price competitive and will look after anyone regardless who you are or how much you have!! Heart of gold!! Definitely keen to start my treatments next week – better advice and solutions than the other places I’ve been to in Cairns!! Tattoo Removal 5 Star - Copy

Great clinic, very professional and great results! Paddy S

 Tattoo Removal 5 Star - CopyBy far the best results I have ever had with laser tattoo removal, in the past I’ve had 5 treatments over a year with little to no results. I had my first treatment the other day and there are parts of my tattoo that I would class as 100% gone! Deane W

 I highly recommend anyone requiring a tattoo removed to see Chris. He is a professional and you are made to feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. Best Clinic in Queensland by far. 5 Star! Sam D

 Julia G – 5 star.  If you are wanting to have a tattoo removed by professionals go to ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal Clinic, Chris the owner has sound knowledge and provides you with all the information needed in the consultation session and throughout the whole process. The equipment used is top of the range and the premises are clean and sterile. I have received 3 treatments so far and am extremely happy with the progress. I would recommend anyone wanting a tattoo removed to go to ERAZALASER first as nobody else will be able to beat the high standard of customer service, professionalism, treatment practices or price.

 Chris is very knowledgeable and professional. His clinic is the finest and you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. I highly recommend Chris to anyone else needing tattoo removal done. Brianah B

 Charlie H – Chris provides a professional service at a great cost. The treatments are quick, easy and hassle free. I have had several sessions to date and am happy with my results so far. My tattoo has faded significantly and should be gone within the two treatments. Thanks ERAZALASER.

 The most clean, professional well presented business I have walked into. Chris explains everything perfectly and his knowledge and expertise in this line of work is nothing shy of outstanding. Would highly recommend anyone to this place. Great work. I will be a repeat customer without a doubt. A+ Jason P

 I’m in the process of having laser on a tattoo that I want to get covered up, I’m so pleased with the result so far! By doing this it means that I have more choice in what I can get it covered with and I will have less chance of having the old tattoo show up through the new tattoo. I would highly recommend Chris! Lucia V

 5 star Very happy with Chris’ professional service. Went for x 5 sessions at the […………….] and barely any fading or results, no disinfecting prior to the removal and no after care. Chris was very lovely to deal with along with his great knowledge of tattoo removal providing a great treatment I would recommend ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal to anyone wanting to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Highly recommended! Aimee M

Frances G – From just my first treatment there Chris, my tattoo has faded so much…you’re seriously the best…can’t wait for the next treatment…this tat is outta here…

Lee U – Thanks mate for yesterday my fingers are fading already.

 Simone M — 5 star Highly recommend. Chris is a professional friendly guy who made the experience very comfortable. First time tattoo removal and I was amazed at how little pain was involved. Very quick session with great care provided. Cost is extremely affordable and I urge any one with daggy old tatts they want to be rid of to pay ERAZALASER a visit.


 Chris really provided a quality and professional service and I highly recommend anyone who is considering having a tattoo removed to contact this clinic. Kade D.

Ally H – 5 star I can highly recommend ERAZALASER clinic. The state of the art equipment is quicker and not as painful whilst achieving better results. Impeccable customer service in super friendly and professional environment. I’ve had laser tattoo removal done down in Sydney but now that I’ve had a treatment with Chris – I’m never looking back!

 Professional & outstanding service & aftercare – Chris really takes care of his clients during & after treatment. Highly recommended! Charlie H.

 Lulu Q — 5 star Great experience. Chris is very informative and excellent at what he does, extremely happy with my treatment so far 🙂

 Already can see the difference in colour! No pain anymore, just a little swollen haha thank you so much! Have already recommended you to everyone I know! Couldn’t be happier. Jade.

Professional and amazing technology and service. Chris assisted me all the way through and answered all questions I had. Im simply blown away at how quick and pain free the removal was! Thanks again ERAZALASER. Marky.

Had a tattoo removed not long ago, very professional and was removed without a drama. Would recommend to anyone. Milos.

Chris is very professional in his work. He has a genuine passion for what he does and it shows in his work and knowledge. Henry.

Great clinic with excellent results. Chris was very knowledgeable and talked me through the whole process. Looking forward to my next session! Holly.

Having had treatments at other clinics and having a treatment with Chris it is obvious he knows his stuff, from the consult to treatment and aftercare the level of service and knowledge is better than I have had before. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone. Thanks Chris. Emma

Comfortable settings, professional and friendly service and most importantly, good results!! Highly recommended – Brad.

To say I was ‘freaking out’ about the pain was an under-statement. However, from the moment I walked in to the clinic Chris the laser technician made me feel at ease with his professional, friendly and most importantly soothing manner. He was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure about to take place and the after care of the newly lasered tattoo. As advised by Chris, the pain wasn’t half as bad as I had imagined it would be and the treatment was over in a few minutes. Not only was I impressed by the sterile environment and super friendly professional customer service, the results were awesome. I highly recommend ERAZALASER to anyone wanting to have that unwanted tattoo removed. Thanks heaps Chris. Robin

Chris was able to fully answer all questions and explain the whole process in detail. To which he also provided a very professional service. Great results already and would recommend anyone even considering starting the removal process to give Chris a call to discuss their options. Sebastian.

Tattoo-Removal-with-Laser-cropGot my forearm lasered last week by Chris. Great results and very professional, clinic is also very clean and sterile. I recommend this place highly – Matt

Great business, Chris is a very knowledgeable guy; have no problems referring people to ERAZALASER – Mike

Works a treat for me, looks like I never even had ink! Ryan

Chris is one of the best and most knowledgeable laser technicians I know. I would highly recommend anyone to go to ERAZALASER for professional and effective treatments that work. Bianca

Very professional service, really great guy. Will be a returning customer for sure – Mitch

My first session with Chris. Comfortable surroundings and professional service. Highly recommended! Cheers mate – Brad.

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