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With today’s modern lasers, the process of tattoo removal has become almost completely non-invasive, much more effective and more comfortable. Laser is the most popular method of removing tattoos due to its effectiveness and ability to target specific ink colours. ERAZALASER Clinics use the latest Q Switch lasers which are widely considered the gold standard method to remove tattoos. During treatment, the laser beam passes harmlessly through your skin, targeting only the tattoo ink. The ink is broken-down, absorbed and expelled by the body and the tattoo fades gradually over time.

The laser procedure itself is straightforward, but there is extensive knowledge necessary to properly assess tattoos, determine treatment settings, and achieve optimal results. ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal Clinic is exclusively focused on quality laser tattoo removal. We are committed to being the best at what we do, offering the most advanced equipment and techniques as well as qualified practitioners. We make the process of fading, partial or complete tattoo removal as safe and as effective as possible with minimal discomfort.

ERAZALASER is the dedicated tattoo removalist – IT’S ALL WE DO! If I was looking for tattoo removal near me, I would certainly go to the tattoo removalist that shatters ink all day everyday!

Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Technicians

Our dedicated tattoo removalist in Cairns, Chris [RHQ Licence # 954189] knows tattoos, he’s been applying ink to his body since he was 16 and like you he has misgivings about some of his ink. When he looked at getting some of his tatts “corrected” he discovered that the best way was to use the latest laser technology. He sought the best in the business and has undergone extensive training and gained the qualifications to bring his unique laser tattoo removal clinic to Cairns.

Clients comment about Chris: Chris was able to fully answer all questions and explain the whole process in detail. To which he also provided a very professional service. Great results already and would recommend anyone even considering starting the removal process to give Chris a call to discuss their options. Sebastian. Bianca said: Chris is one of the best and most knowledgeable laser technicians I know. I would highly recommend anyone to go to ERAZALASER for professional and effective treatments that work. 

In Townsville, our clients are extremely happy with the service provided by James [RHQ Licence # 954188]. With more than 20 years in the Health Industry where he consulted with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, he is very knowledgeable on the anatomy and physiology of the skin. Like Chris, James is a fully qualified Unrestricted Licencee in Tattoo Removal having completed the required theory and practical hours for his licence.

He has conducted hundreds of laser tattoo removal treatments and our Townsville clients appreciate his expertise: Would highly recommend this company, I’ve been dealing with James from Townsville and I can’t possibly fault the experience I’ve had. He’s such a friendly thoughtful person, every time I go in he always makes sure I get the best care possible, ensuring I get the best results from each treatment with minimal pain. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, Erazalaser offers affordable treatments with friendly staff who have a vast knowledge of the service they provide. Maddi S

In our newly opened Gold Coast clinic in Southport, James is providing the same first class treatments as in North Queensland and clients are already expressing their appreciation:

Kelly L I have had sessions in the Cairns clinic and now the Gold Coast, I am so happy that ERAZALASER has opened a clinic in the Gold Coast so I can continue to have my tattoos removed from such a professional friendly company I trust! I was so surprised how quickly my tattoos have been fading after only a couple of sessions ! I highly recommend ERAZALASER you will not be disappointed! To the team at ERAZALASER Thanks for looking after me 😊 Tattoo Removal Training


If you are interested in replacing or covering up an existing tattoo with another tattoo, ERAZALASER technicians will prepare your skin to obtain the best result. The cover-up will be much more successful when the existing tattoo is first faded out through the tattoo removal process. Fading the old tattoo will give your  tattoo artist a better ‘canvas’ to work on and much more flexibility with the new design, as the old design won’t be showing through.  The process of cover-up is the same as laser tattoo removal, with the exception that fewer treatments are required. Each client will have different needs depending on both the tattoo being faded and the new work that will be tattooed in its place. However in most cases, 2 to 3 treatments facilitate a successful cover up.

Partial tattoo removal is available if you wish to modify your tattoo. Sometimes you may not wish to remove an entire tattoo but only specific parts of your tattoo. There are numerous reasons why partial tattoo removal is a great option –  it could be that your  tattoo is too big, has a name you no longer want, has misspellings, is too busy or over inked with “blow out”.

Laser tattoo removal is both a science and an art and the skill of the technician plays a major role in the success of your treatment. It is essential for you to undergo an initial consultation where your skin type will be assessed, your tattoo will be evaluated and a specific treatment plan will be developed to ensure that the process is successful for you.

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ERAZALASER Clinics use a customized approach to each client’s tattoo removal. Our goal is to remove your tattoo in as few treatments as possible whilst providing the most effective result.