Tattoo removal cost is determined by several factors including tattoo size, colour, location, type of ink, depth of ink and density of ink.

We understand that as you give careful consideration to removing or modifying your unwanted ink, you want to talk to a specialist. ERAZALASER Tattoo Removal Clinics are exclusively focused on quality laser tattoo removal. We are committed to being the best at what we do, offering the most advanced equipment and techniques as well as qualified practitioners.

During your first free consultation we will discuss the process of laser tattoo removal, your medical history will be recorded, your tattoo will be photographed and the area measured. We will discuss the tattoo removal cost and work out a suitable removal plan with you.

Tattoo removal cost varies based on the complexity, color and size of the tattoo. We will assess and measure your tattoo and provide an estimate of the number of treatments needed to remove or fade your tattoo and the cost. As an indication, tattoo removal cost per session starts from as little as $115.

See below for examples of different tattoo sizes. ERAZALASER Clinics use a customized approach to each client’s tattoo removal. Our goal is to remove your tattoo in as few treatments as possible whilst providing the most effective result.

While we can help over the phone, ultimately we will need to sit down with you to discuss a treatment plan. ERAZALASER Clinics accept payment by cash, eftpos, Visa or MasterCard and zipMoney.

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Extra Small Tattoo           Size of a 10 cent piece.


Remove Small Tattoo   Business card size


Medium Tattoo Removal Quarter of an A 4 page.


Large Tattoo Removal         Half an A 4 page.

Extra Large Tattoo Removal Cost

Extra Large Tattoo              A 4 page and larger.